Awaken to the meaning of your dream

Springtime is the perfect time for new beginnings. Time to dig deep into the soil of our psyches. Are you eager to explore in a whole new way and create art in a community of likeminded people, while awakening to the meaning of your dreams?

I invite you to join me in a newly dreamed of adventure in the magical structure of a geodesic dome yurt. Working with dreams has been my passion for many years and SoulCollage my creative outlet for finding deep meaning.
Now I am ready to share these processes with the community by combining DreamTending and SoulCollage in a new unique way.

Those who have already participated in these cutting edge workshops are raving about the results of this method.

Each workshop of no more than 10 participants, begins with a guided meditation to gather us into a sacred container. This is followed by a silent review of your written dream to explore. This dream can be a current or an old dream; a waking dream (an event that seemed like a dream), or even a snippet of a dream. From this place each person begins to look at printed images and selects those images which speak to us from the Dream Time.

We choose the pictures which invoke our curiosity about the dream, which can be symbolic or literal. This is an intuitive experience. We choose the images which draw our curiosity about our dream. The can be symbolic or literal. On a 5×6 cardboard cardboard card we then create a collage from some or all of our chosen images. When all the collages are finished we share our dream with the circle and express what the SoulCollage card is telling us about the dream.

Since this is a shared experience, the facilitator and community might offer impressions or ask questions, but the interpretation comes from the dreamer’s own psyche.

Here is what a few participants had to say about their recent experiences with these workshops:

[su_quote]Gaby’s workshop is a way to be kind to your Soul- Niina[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Gaby’s collage workshops are wonderful. She creates a safe place where my soul, dreams and imagination can hang out and play. Out of that collaborative space has always come something beautiful, something magical, something surprising. Chris”[/su_quote]

Now is your chance to participate in these life changing, Soul revealing, creative workshops.

Private groups for up to 10 can be arranged, great event for a special occasion!

Due to the Pandemic, in person workshops will resume in summer 2021 and are now available on zoom upon request.


As you dive deep into your dreams allow me to shine a light on the world behind the dream

I would love to partner with you in this endeavor.

The process of Dream Tending can show you:

  • Your dream as a portal to inspirations
  • How to gain potent perspectives
  • Self and world healing
  • Uncover allies for transformation

 Book your 90 minute Dream Tending Zoom session

Individual Session: $100

Supportive/Hardship Rate: $50-$75 (You Choose)