What is SoulCollage®


Is it art? Is it a guiding process for our souls and psyches? Is it fun? It calls for a resounding YES to all three. On the surface it is an activity, usually done in a small group setting, in which we create small collage cards from images we select intuitively from magazines, our own photographs or art pictures.

Generally it begins with a meditation or guided imagery led by the Soul Collage® Facilitator. This sets the stage to create a sacred space to open communication with our own wisdom and intuition and guide us in the artful creation of the cards. It is akin to tapping into what CG Jung calls the collective unconscious, similar to the way dreams come to us. The power of the image reveals aspects of ourselves keyed to bring valuable information to help us evolve as human and spiritual beings. Seena Frost states it so elegantly in her book SoulCollage® Evolving: “each card is a mirror of Self and Soul.”

Hear your soul, listen to your soul; when you do, the images give you an opportunity to integrate the many parts of yourself, leading to what depth psychology refers to as individuation or becoming whole. We incorporate both the light and the shadow sides of ourselves, so we can utilize the cards as messengers with gifts for us when we “read” them. We may write what we hear as completing the sentence, I am one who … We may also write a poem, or as I often do, write a Haiku about the card. In the group setting we create a safe community in which we can share our insights, creativity and fun. In private we can develop a collection of cards and use them as our own divination deck. Often a card’s meaning shifts as we grow or circumstances change – remember, each card is a part of you, designed to bless you with its healing power.