In addition to facilitating SoulCollage® work, I also offer DreamTending. DreamTending is a way of working with dreams by treating the dream as though it has a life of its own. This offering is done on a one to one basis and can be done by Zoom session.

Dream Tending was developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, with whom I studied for a year to become certified. 

Dr. Aizenstat states in his book Dream Tending:

[su_quote][su_spacer]Yet the more I listened to dream figures, the more my clients experienced a positive change in their lives. Sometimes in just a single session, making contact with a particular potent living dream image transformed someone’s addition or opened new heights of intimacy in a couple’s relationship. As their dreams came alive, so did each person’s sense of self-worth. Not only were serious problems worked through, but an authentic life emerged, one informed by the truth of what existed at the inner core of each individual.[su_spacer][/su_quote]

As I worked with this powerful tool, it became obvious to me that this work was a perfect complement to the SoulCollage® work. Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a life changing session.