Podcast Video with Debra Graugnard

“Gaby gave me a DreamTending session last week that blew my mind. We inquired into a recurring dream from my past, and I expected to learn a little more about what I already knew – what had already transpired. It turned out that the exploration revealed messages that are relevant and timely today – no doubt divinely orchestrated!

I feel like this will have messages for you too and offer you guidance for uncovering messages that may be hidden within your dreams.”

– Debra Grugnard, October 23, 2022


Using SoulCollage as Soul Search

I was introduced to SoulCollage by my Soul Sister. Jamie Brown, at the same time I was accepted in a master’s program at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria California. it was 2012 I was 64 and recovering from a Meningioma, a benign brain tumor, and simultaneously my marriage of 30 years was falling apart. As you can imagine my life was turned upside down. Being an optimist, I vowed to make the most of this second chance at life. I wanted to use my brain for optimal functioning and discover a hidden creative person hidden in my psyche.

Both the engaged Humanities Program and SoulCollage became my allies in this quest. Little did I anticipate the depth and rewards of this collaboration. There was an emphasis in the Humanities program on Depth Psychology and the work of prominent psychologists in the field, like Carl Jung, James Hillman, Robert Johnson, Marion Woodman and Joseph Campbell. When I began researching SoulCollage I discovered how congruent this process is with Depth psychology. CG Jung often speaks of a phenomenon called synchronicity, which boils down to meaningful coincidences. Synchronicity happens when we engage in the process of making SoulCollage. I am always astonished at what our cards reveal.

I realized immediately that the way we interact with our SoulCollage images is also very much akin to Active Imagination; a way of communicating with what Jung called the collective Unconscious, which also sends us messages through dreams, usually in symbolic images. Because the Humanities program also emphasizes creativity, the card making became my art. I was able to use them in a myriad of ways beyond the “I am one who…” In addition to finding my Soul Path, I was able to use them in many creative assignments, including a fairy tale I wrote; a series on my sense of aesthetics as influenced by my birth land, Indonesia(for which I collaged photographs I took there); DreamTending active imagination and culminating in my final masterpiece presentation which took the form of a labyrinth made of my SoulCollage cards, each symbolizing a piece of my Soul Journey

SoulCollage has so enriched my life I now share my passion with the world!