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My name is Gabrielle Hass, aka Gaby and I am in love with soul collage & dream tending. I am embarking on the 3rd Act of my life by launching OC Soul Expressions, a private practice in Orange County, California. After a lifelong leadership career in the Non-Profit world, I am taking this passion in a deeper direction; guiding people in their Soul Search.

SoulCollage® & Dream Tending

I am bringing all my life learning to this endeavor to share with you the wisdom I have gained. Formally, I received a master’s degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Humanities, with an emphasis on Depth Psychology and leading the creative life. During this program I also became a facilitator in SoulCollage® and was able to incorporate this process in all my creative process. Upon completion of the MA degree, I studied with Dr. Stephen Aizenstatt to earn a Certification in Dream Tending, a process of working with dreams in a way much akin to SoulCollage®.
I now offer both SoulCollage® and Dream Tending in my practice.

I bring both Spiritual and practical experience to the table as well; for most of my life I have been a Lightworker and an ordained minister of Service, in the School of Actualism. I am mindful of my Lighted Self as well as the Shadow Self which has taught me much in my evolution. Both SoulCollage® and Dream Tending are perfect vehicles to explore those sides of our Souls.


Everyone dreams, are you curious what your dreams are telling you?

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