Welcome to OC Soul Expressions

My name is Gabrielle Hass, aka Gaby, and I am in love with dreamtending and soul collage. I have embarked on the 3rd act of my life with Soul Expressions, a private practice in Orange County, California.

After a lifelong leadership career in the non-profit world, I am taking this passion in a deeper direction: guiding people in their Soul Search.

Dream Tending & SoulCollage®

In my practice, I share with you all the wisdom I have gained from being a spiritual practioner, as an ordained Minister of Service in the Lightwork School of Actualism; a ritual and ceremonial leader, a DreamTender, certified by Stephen Aizenstat, who is my mentor and a certified Facilitator of SoulCollage.

I earned a Master’s Degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Engaged Humanities, with an emphasis on Depth Psychology and leading the Creative Life. This path led me to creating OCSoulExpressions as a way to share my soul passions with those of you who like me believe that we are living in a most intense time of transformation and that we are being called now to develop a higher consciousness for a new earth.

Please join me on this journey, explore my offerings and come Dream with me.